Statement of Commitment

The Summer Academy is a simulation of the college experience. Students are asked to challenge themselves both personally and academically while supporting the program rules and philosophy as described below:

Upward Bound Students will conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner at all times.

Upward Bound Students are expected to abide by the following classroom expectations:

  • Be punctual, prepared and attentive
  • Participate in classroom discussions and activities
  • Be respectful of teachers, RAs and other students
  • If you find yourself falling asleep, quietly stand up in the back of the classroom
  • Keep your cell phones, ipods, and other electronic devices put away
  • Ask permission before taking pictures, videos, etc
  • No horseplay, loud talking, or disruptive behavior in the classrooms or the hallways
  • Remember that you have made a choice to participate in an academic support program, and putting forth your best effort will set you up for a wonderful future

Upward Bound Students are expected to abide by all check-out procedures when either signing out with an approved visitor or leaving the residence hall and/or during down time. These procedures include:

  • Leaving residence hall only with approved visitors
  • Being in a group of 3 or more students during down time at App State
  • Being in a group of 3 or more students any time we are away from App State
  • Visiting only approved sites on campus during down time

Students are expected to abide by all Appalachian State University Guidelines and Policies for living in the residence hall. Students violating policies will be subject to both the Upward Bound and App State disciplinary policy.

Upward Bound Students travel often and participants are very visible representatives of the University. Students are ambassadors of App State and are expected to pay close attention to attire and personal/group behaviors, and to present a positive, mature image to those with whom we come in contact.

Upward Bound asks students to pay close attention to their physical health and well-being during the program by:

  • Eating all meals and taking the required food to comply with the Summer Foods Program
  • Being aware of your individual safety and the safety of others at all times, especially during physical activities
  • Getting enough rest to assure positive participation in classes

Upward Bound students are expected to participate as a positive and helpful group member by:

  • Assisting with group meal organization and clean up
  • Maintaining a clean, orderly living environment and respecting the possessions and personal space of others
  • Staying with the group during activities and travel
  • Following instructions provided by Staff Members and Resident Advisors


We understand that the Upward Bound staff maintains the right to promptly dismiss a Scholar from the program if he/she violates program rules and policies.We understand the rules outlined above and commit to using all program opportunities and resources in a positive manner.