Prospective Students

About Upward Bound Summer Academy

Upward Bound is federally funded and helps high school students develop skills and motivation they need to succeed in high school. Also, Upward Bound gives students necessary tools to enter and be successful in college. To achieve these goals, Upward Bound provides academic support, social and cultural enrichment, and opportunities for personal growth. These services are free of cost.

Students who are in 9th or 10th grade, exhibit academic potential, and show a desire to enroll in college are encouraged to apply to the Upward Bound program. Participants remain in the Upward Bound program through graduation from high school.

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Thoughts from Upward Bound student after a recent Summer Academy: 

  • The most helpful experience this summer was having the teachers making the classes interesting, not just making it seem like a regular class. I enjoyed the labs we did in chemistry, and those will help me remember certain things. The Cornell note style of taking notes, and posters that we did in History. 
  • I really liked getting to challenge myself and figuring out more about myself that I probably never would have known before. 
  • It was a helpful experience for me personally just by knowing that the Resident Advisors are always there to help me with any problem or just listen when I need it.
  • This summer experience helped me not be the shy and closed up person I used to be. 
  • My summer experience had a huge impact on me by allowing me to meet many new people. The people I have met here accepted me for who I am and encouraged me to be myself more often.
  • I feel very confident that I will get into a prestigious school if I keep working hard and I do not stop trying my best. I think that I will be a good college student. 
  • It makes me look forward to my college experience and helped me realize my options.
  • After participating in this summer, I am looking forward to college! I feel Upward Bound has and will continue to help me get more comfortable with leaving home.
  • Academically the rising 11th grade mentorship was the most helpful experience because it helped me experience a bit of what I want to be in the future and it helped me learn about it too. 
  • I loved getting to do hands on things and engaging in classes more than I would in a regular school class. 
  • I hope that I'm able to push myself to work harder in school. Sometimes it gets really hard to keep up with all of the work, and I definitely don't want to let my grades fall. I hope that Upward Bound helps me continue to work hard and keep my grades up.