The Summer Academy

About The Summer Academy

Each summer, Upward Bound students participate in a six-week residential program on Appalachian State’s campus. This provides exposure to college and on-campus living. During the program, students:

  • Enroll in courses in core subjects such as math, science, and English, as well as electives related to visual arts, performing arts, and physical education
  • Engage in community service projects
  • Visit college campuses across the state of North Carolina
  • Travel to various locations such as Washington D.C. and the North Carolina coast

Students spend weekends at home during this six-week program.

Graduates spent a week in New York City!  Click here to see their adventures!

11th Graders gave some really impressive presentations from their Research Mentorship experiences.

10th Graders worked hard creating their "This I Believe" statements. Click this link to hear them.

Upward Bound Student Videos

During the 2012 Summer Academy, rising 11th graders designed, constructed, and raced soap box derby cars:

During the 2013 Summer Academy, a group of Upward Bound students enrolled in an Exercise Class:

If you'd like to see a bit of one of our project based learning courses - here is a snippet from the Elemental Class: