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Appalachian State University will test its campus siren warning system at 11:55 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 19. Examples of the tones that are used in an emergency or during tests can be heard online at Appalachian uses the hi/low tone for emergencies, discontinuous air horn for tests of the system and the alert tone for all-clear signal. For more information about the university’s AppState ALERT voice/text/email notification system, visit Campus siren tests are normally conducted on the first Wednesday of each month. Scheduled dates for Appalachian’s upcoming tests are Jan. 2 and Feb. 6, 2019.

Student Spotlight


In Student Spotlight, we will feature recent accomplishments of current Upward Bound students.  These monthly profiles will highlight the many academic accolades Upward Bound students receive during the year. 


Juan Jaramillo Chico

Juan Photo

Upward Bound student Juan Jaramillo Chico is a senior at Ashe County High School with a 3.75 weighted GPA.  Because of his exemplary academic status, Juan was invited to participate in Discover Swarthmore 2017 in September. 

Each fall, Swarthmore College conducts Discover Swarthmore at their Pennsylvania campus. Participants attend actual college classes, stay and eat on campus, and attend panel discussions related to college admissions, financial aid, and life at the institution- all at no cost to the attendants.

During his weekend at Swarthmore, Juan was one of about 100 attendees.  He was paired with a current student and shared a dorm room with him during the event.  Juan attended a discreet math and an inorganic chemistry class, and he really enjoyed the discussion format of the classes involving back-and forth conversations between the students and professors. Prior to the event, Juan was not familiar with Swarthmore, but after attending Discover Swarthmore, he plans to apply and would consider attending college there. Juan was impressed with the intimate size of the campus, and he noted that it reminded him of Ashe County and Western North Carolina. Juan plans to major in either Microbiology or Math.

Juan also wanted to add "I just want to thank everyone at UB for all of the support that they have given me and everyone in the program. I couldn't have done amazing things like this without you guys. I love you all!". 

Swarthmore College is a private, liberal arts school located in the outskirts of Philadelphia. Founded in 1864, Swarthmore’s total enrollment is 1,620 students.  For more information about Discover Swarthmore, visit